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    tearing out his hair, beating his head, trying to force me from him,

    expiration of the quarter of an hour, they reappeared with no less

    ‘Trotwood, there is something that I want to ask you, and that I

    This is a way of life which reminds me of the period when I was

    We began the search at once; Mr Jorkins unlocking the drawers

    death-blow of my peace, and a grievous daily drudgery and

    prayed that I never might be houseless any more, and never might

    what such a sum would buy, and partly because I went home

    wondering which is the eldest Miss Larkins’s chamber (and

    this habitation, but also those appertaining to Mr Thomas

    service here, in Blunderstone; but there’s no such a thing, my

    it Haven’t you heard her say, over and over again, that she thinks

    the establishment Another happy evening, quite as unreal as all

    respect at variance—the appalling vacancy in the room he had

    With these words, and resisting our entreaties that she would

    eye with which he didn’t squint, in a very knowing manner

    my mother came home from spending the evening at a

    The good son on his knees, his hands clasped together, eyes closed with the help of a monk chanting, the little girl came. But to read the Sutra

    ‘I am poorly qualified to judge of such matters,’ replied Agnes,

    and in small, I have always been thoroughly in earnest I have


    plate as the entire remains of yesterday’s feast, and I was really

    knew enough of Mr Jack Maldon to suspect from this account that

    ‘I suppose you are a pretty sharp fellow still? Eh, Brooks?’

    tired traveller, and find such a blessed sense of rest!’

    They were on the top of the house—a great point with my aunt,

    ‘Nobody but myself, Trot, knows what that man is!’ my aunt

    prospect on the inkstand ‘That’s the church! You come round


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